Maddie Meets Kara: Remember Me

Who is her enemy? Who is her friend? And what really happened that night?

After her wealthy, privileged upbringing Maddie finds University strange and scary, but she’s desperate to escape her overbearing family. She shudders at the co-ed showers and the grotty dorm room, but worst of all is that girl with dreadlocks. Every time Maddie sees her, her stomach flips and things end badly. 

After Maddie’s drink is spiked, she wakes with no memory of the night before. Why is she wearing different clothes? And who’s black shirt is that on her floor? She’s desperate to find out what happened and who did it.

Disowned by her conservative family, Kara could write the book on how to chat up a girl. To her sex is a game, a game she enjoys and usually wins … until she meets Maddie.  For the longest time she carries the answers to Maddie’s questions, waiting … waiting …

Maddie Meets Kara can be read as a standalone and is the first book in her sassy new Maddie and Kara series. Grab your copy of this fresh new page turner now to see how these star-crossed lovers deal with their sh*t.

maddie meets kara - remember me cover
the secrets we keep cover on background

The Secrets We Keep

Laura packs her bag and her deeply troubled heart and catches a plane to Europe. She needs a fresh start, but soon finds herself in the same old mess. Then she meets Olivia. She’s never been with a woman, but she can’t get Olivia out of her head. What is she to do? Laura finally realises she must face her past before she can find her future.

Maddie and Kara 2 Breaking Free on bg small

Maddie and Kara – Breaking Free

Maddie has promised to join Kara in London when her course finishes, but both girls have obstacles that could tear them apart. Each will fail in their own way as hope is replaced with loneliness and frustration. Do they have enough trust, patience, and above all, enough love to last the distance?

good girl bad girl cover on background

Good girl bad girl

Innocent young Harper is immediately smitten by her grungy new neighbour. Three years older, Gwen is a troubled preteen. Over time Harper’s feelings deepen until Gwen leaves in the night. Harper is still holding onto her tender young love when eighteen years later they meet again.