Maddie and Kara: Breaking Free

A desperate boyfriend. A seductive housemate. Can their love survive the distance?

Estranged from her family, Kara has little to hold her back except her own loneliness. She should be having the time of her life, but instead, she waits anxiously in London for word that Maddie is on her way.

Maddie’s future is mapped out for her. Finish University, join the family firm, marry her long-term boyfriend. How can she tell her family she has fallen in love with a woman? When Kara flies to London, Maddie has two choices – either cave in to her family’s expectations, or break free and follow her.

As communication crumbles, Kara’s loneliness increases and she starts to lose hope. If Maddie doesn’t make it, will she regret not giving in to temptation? Her housemate Monica says, it’s no big deal, it’s just sex, but is it?

Maddie And Kara Breaking Free can be read as a standalone and is the second book in her sassy new Maddie and Kara series. Grab your copy of this fresh new page turner now to see if this long-distance love affair will finally have a chance to blossom.

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The Secrets We Keep

Laura packs her bag and her deeply troubled heart and catches a plane to Europe. She needs a fresh start, but soon finds herself in the same old mess. Then she meets Olivia. She’s never been with a woman, but she can’t get Olivia out of her head. What is she to do? Laura finally realises she must face her past before she can find her future.

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Maddie Meets Kara – Remember Me

Every time Maddie sees Kara, her stomach flips and things end badly. When Maddie’s drink is spiked, she wakes with no memory of the night before. What happened? Who would do this to her? Kara holds answers to Maddie’s questions, but will she ever get a chance to tell her?

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Good girl bad girl

Innocent young Harper is immediately smitten by her grungy new neighbour. Three years older, Gwen is a troubled preteen. Over time Harper’s feelings deepen until Gwen leaves in the night. Harper is still holding onto her tender young love when eighteen years later they meet again.