Himalayan Awakening

Heart of a Warrior Book 1

What’s a mid-life crisis without a crazy action-packed race across the Himalayas???

After her husband betrays her, awkward, soft-hearted Ronnie joins her head-strong daughter on a volunteer trip to Nepal. In a remote village, high in the mountains, Ronnie falls in love—with the simplicity of life, with the cheeky children and maybe even with their enigmatic tour guide, Bikram.

Caring for the high-spirited children in the refuge fills Ronnie’s heart with joy, but a visit to an ancient Buddhist monastery leaves her confused and questioning. Reincarnation, connection to the spirit realm? And why her? She would think it all nonsense if she hadn’t experienced it herself.

When two girls disappear from the village, she joins forces with Bikram, in a race across Nepal to save them. Will they find the girls before it is too late? Will her psychic powers actually prove useful? And will she dare to acknowledge her feelings for the youthful, but wise Bikram?

Himalayan Awakening Flat cover green white mountains