Good Girl Bad Girl

What do you do when you come face to face with the childhood crush you never got over?

Innocent young Harper is immediately smitten by her grungy, disaffected new neighbour. Three years older, Gwen is a troubled preteen when her family move in next door. The girls develop a bond that supports and softens the bumps in their lives until one day, after a particularly turbulent time at home, Gwen leaves in the middle of the night.

Awoken by raised voices, Harper watches from her bedroom window as the car drives off, not understanding that Gwen will not be coming back. Confused and distraught, her attempts to find Gwen come to nothing.

Eighteen years later they are destined to meet again, but reconnecting is difficult. There are so many unanswered questions, so many half-forgotten memories, so many feelings, that now seem childish. Harper is powerfully drawn to Gwen, but feels Gwen slipping away again. No longer young and innocent, Harper will need to step up if she is to have a chance to be close to Gwen.

Gwen was always the older, the wiser, the hardened protector, but that role will not serve her as an adult. In order to let Harper in, she must first be prepared to open old wounds, to tell Harper secrets she’d rather stayed buried.

D. R. Coghlan writes angsty but fun and spicy lesfic romance and women’s fiction. Good Girl Bad Girl is a standalone novella and the first in her fantastic new Women at Work series. Grab a copy of this deep and delightful read now to see what becomes of Harper and Gwen when they meet again as women.

Good Girl Bad Girl - cover
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